Car Detailing and Car Washing Explained

It is not uncommon that we hear people us the term auto or car detailing and washing interchangeably. In fact, other people really think that the two terminologies are alike. While there are some truths on this statement, going very thorough and technical would tell you that these two terms are related but never the same.  

There are many detailing companies like the car detailing Ballarat, that provide an overall cleaning and restoration of the car or vehicle, while there are also shops and companies that focus mainly on making the car clean on the outer surface. The former is called auto detailing while the latter is called car washing.  

When referring to a car wash, the general idea would be about a tunnel setup where difference vehicles drive and be automatically cleaned by automatic brushes, soap, and water one a time. The drying process may involve very large blow dryer. This process can be cheaper than other cleaning methods like car detailing.  

Is there something wrong about automatic car wash?  

Automatic car wash relies heavily on its gigantic machine where everything is put; from the brush, soap, water, and other materials and equipment used in the cleaning process. There are many cons to having car washing. First, all the dirt and stains are not really removed thoroughly because the cleaning process uses machine and not humans. Machines are noy very critical of difficult stains. So long as they do their job, the machine would never identify imperfections and issues on their performance, unless, otherwise reprogrammed. In addition, the materials used in automatic car wash are old and changed less often compared to detailing companies and shops. This is because car washing services focus more on the efficiency over quality. This means that it puts more regards on how fast it can clean and never on the quality of the cleaning process. Although car washing can be this bad, there are also people who prefer his service especially when they need more time and efficiency. 

How does car detailing differ from this? 

Car detailing services, on the other hand, focuses on the quality of the cleaning service rather than speed and efficiency.  to make sure that they provide only the best, they use human hand for washing the car instead of a gigantic machine. The detailers are very skilled and trained to the best of their capabilities to inspect, clean, and restore the car to its original, brand new look. This is the very reasons why expensive car s do not go for a car wash but they go for a car detailing. It also involves interior and exterior cleaning. The following are the services car detailing provides: 

Interior: vacuuming, cleaning the door jambs, cleaning with steam, vacuuming the trunk and interior, shampooing the mats, seats, carpets, and door panels, cleaning the console, dashboard, and other components, and many more.  

Exterior: brushing, washing, waxing, degreasing, buffing, tar removal, dent repairing, headlight restoration, painting, and many more.  

You see, car detailing is more advantageous compared to car washing.